About the Artist

Buster has been tattooing since 2009.  He had a 3 year apprenticeship and  learned as much as he could from his mentor.  Since the age of 18,  he had been offered several apprenticeships by multiple shop owners.  At the time, he was going to school for graphic design and wanted to pursue that as his career.  He continued to draw tattoo designs for friends until  finally an offer for an apprenticeship was worth his consideration.  He has trained and learned from various artists so that he can be  well rounded and  educated in the art of tattoo.   He now has a strong following and is able to do his own custom designs.  Buster continues to strive to be as good as he can possibly be.  Taking on cover -ups, sleeves and even large scale pieces.  With every tattoo he shows his love for art as well as care for the client.  


Now pushing the limits of what he can do,  he has been taking other forms of art classes to help him get even better at what he is most passionate about.  Tattooing is his life and he will continue to live it as well as learn from it.   He originally started his art career painting graffiti style murals which he still does today.  The styles he  enjoys most are the completely original color or black and grey designs that he first designs from nothing.  He tries to push the limits to impress his clients by doing so with his custom freehand drawings and sketches to portray what the client has in mind.


He also likes to do:


black and grey realistic style

color realistic style


japanese style

freehand drawn instead of stenciled pieces

fine detail


As time goes on Buster continues to grow and evolve in his art.  One day he hopes to stand with those he has looked up to and be considered their equal.  Respect amongst clients and fellow tattooers is something he takes pride in. 






Vanessa Catapano Permanent Make-up Artist/ Body Artist


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Kassidy McManus apprentice under Buster since May 2017.

Studying  Visual Arts at SCCC since 2016.

She has had multiple publications at her school as well as other gallery events.  Still learning yet she has started to tattoo lettering, cartoon and neo- traditional designs.  She strives to do custom work and loves to do color.  Kassidy continues to grow in the industry and has come very far in her art and her skill. 

Suffolks Evolution Magazine :

spring 2017 fall 2017 spring 2018

Parish Art Museum student exhibition

Juried Student art show 2017 at SCCC

Juried Student art show 2018 at SCCC

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